The Reluctant Skeptic

I’ve been a Bible-believing Christian for almost thirty years. For me, the Bible was not only a source of comfort and encouragement in an often crazy world, it was the inerrant Word of God, full of wisdom and guidance directly from God himself. It helped  me make sense of the world. It gave me a foundation for faith and values as I pursued a relationship with God.

However, the prayer that I prayed most often was “Lord, I believe. Help my unbelief!” (Mark 9:24). In spite of a Damascus Road conversion experience (at least that’s how I saw it) and years of personal Bible study and prayer, I always had a nagging sense of, “What if this is all just a beautiful fiction, something we badly want to believe?” In the early days of my faith I practically memorized the book “Evidence that Demands a Verdict” by Josh McDowell, as I found that this helped to temporarily quell my doubts.

I have always had questions about Christianity (what honest Christian hasn’t?!) But I wanted so badly to believe this beautiful story of God’s love for a lost world, that I was able to set aside my questions most of the time. Except that over time, the questions and nagging doubts grew so loud in my head that they demanded resolution, or if not resolution, at least some attention. That was the day when I realized that my faith had become so diluted that there was nothing left at all. I realized that I was presenting myself to the world, and my family, and even myself, as a Christian woman when in truth, I no longer believed even the most basic tenets of Christianity with any confidence. I decided it was time to face my questions head on, to try and find answers – or at least, find out how other Christians answered these questions for themselves.

This blog is my attempt to document my journey, to help me process my thoughts and hear from other people about their own struggles with faith and doubt.

If you’re a fellow traveler on this journey – welcome!

4 thoughts on “The Reluctant Skeptic

  1. lizzambonini

    I think as intelligent adults most of us have grappled with this at one time or another… I will be interested to walk this road with you x I am actually studying theology and biblical studies at the moment through regent university…


    1. Lynn Chambers Post author

      That’s great, Liz! I l really look forward to hearing your thoughts and views. I feel that what I’m going through is unlearning a lot of what I was taught at His People and allowing myself to think out of that box. Would love to hear about your journey and the studies you’re doing.


  2. Tendai

    Good call Lynn! The issue is not God – I completely whole heartedly believe in Him and how he pursues us in love! It brings me to tears – what a loving Father has gone through to have intimacy with us! The problem in the institutionalised church! – I’ve ditched belief in institutionalised church for now – almost a year looking at it – and I’ve never been happier and closer the God! – mind blowing! Nothing wrong with the church that Christ calls his bride – the true bride but a lot is wrong with the church that was birthed out of pagan Roman tradition and complete dissed the origins of Christ’s church – Hebrew! Not that we should return to Jewish faith – Christ himself was so much against “the leaders of the church of the time” and they have been replaced by the current crop- so if he returns today as then he will not be acceptable in most churches. Once you start reading the scriptures yourself and ask the Father to reveal his Word through the Spirit you will be overwhelmed- ! Instead relying on Sunday sermons, bible study and Beth Moore etc or whoever of these popular writer churning book after book of how to, how to.. – a few books & video clips are handy here and there but will not surplant the Word itself with the Spirit guiding you – never!!!!
    Of course fellowship is required – it starts at home, with you, your friends, family and those willing to sit at the table and enjoy Christ. Happy to do such meetings with you…I’m still growing in this but happy to share and help…so church is good but I found for me no growth but going backwards instead…
    Wish you an amazing time mining the scriptures yourself – it’s like how you have development your organic & sugar free recipes – so it is with building intimacy with God! – not routine, dogma or rules and regs…



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